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Dungeons & Dragons: Character Choices
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Character Choices

    Anyone who plays D&D has to have a character from a Race and Class. In a group, its good to have everyone playing different player characters, (PC's).

    There are six main races to choose from: Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Halflings and Humans.

    Dwarves: Live up to 350 years; Find it easy to learn languages; Are intelligent; Are experts in hand to hand battle; Resistant to magic and poisons; Have infra vision; Never use magic

    Elves: Live up to 1200 years; 90% resistance to all charm spells; Have good dexterity; Have infra vision; Can see hidden entrances easily (This occurs a lot in quests); Can use magic and weaponry; Are slightly fragile

    Gnomes: Live up to 350 years; Can use magic and weaponry; Resistant to magic; Have infra vision; Excellent tunnelers

    Half-Elves: Live up to 160 years; Mixture of Human and Elven; Have the greatest range of choices for character class; Have some Elf and Human abilities

  Halflings: Live up to 150 years; Talented with thrown weapons; Resistant to magic and poisons; Gain bonuses when surprising opponents

  Humans: Live up to 90 years; Are great leaders; Can be any class; Can rise to any level



        Fighter: Can have any alignment; Fantastic strength; Can have soldiers and household guards; Good attack bonus

        Paladin: Can detect evil; Gets saving throw bonuses; Immune to all diseases; Can heal wounds; can cure diseases; Surrounded by an aura of protection; Can turn ' Undead ' and ' Friend ' spells; Can cast priest spells; Never has wealth; Can't have more than 10 magical items; Must give money away; Can only employ lawful good henchmen

        Ranger: Wise; Can talk to animals and make friends with them; Can spy well; Can use any weapon; Can learn priest spells; attracts followers; Has a code of behavior

  Wizard: My personal favorite, because they are very powerful at a high level, (e.g. 6), and they hardly ever get hurt, if you know how to use them.
The downside is they can't use armor, or any weapon, (except for daggers and staves, etc.), and they have low hit points. Just keep wizards at the back of the group, and out of danger, and they may become the most powerful player.

        Mage: Can use a limited number of every wizard spell

        Specialist Wizard: Can use a large number of specific wizard spells, some of all other kinds, and none of the opposite kind of school that they are studying in. For example, a specialist in the school of Conjuration/Summoning Can get lots of those spells, some of all the others and none of Greater Divination (Predicting the future by talking with the dead). This is all outlined the the Player's Handbook.

        Illusionist: Like an extreme specialist wizard that can have all other normal spells, except for Abjuration, Necromancy, or Invocation/Evocation. They receive an extra illusion spell per spell level. Not player level!


        Cleric: Wise; Can use only a few weapons, but any kind of armor; Uses a fair amount of magical items; Has major access to all spheres of influence, except for elemental, animal, plant, and weather spheres; Can turn ' Undead ' spells; Has power over the undead; Has help from their deity.

        Priests of a Specific Mythoi: Basically the same as a cleric, except they get to carry weapons according to their mythos beliefs.

        Druid: Can only use light armor, (e.g. leather); Major access to animal, plant, healing and weather spheres; Light combat weapons allowed; Immune to charm spells; Learns animal languages; Can identify plants, animals and pure water with perfect precision at third level; Can change shape into an animal; Cannot turn ' Undead ' spell.
At very high levels, a druid can survive in different elemental planes, hibernate, and start to live much longer than their race normally could.

    A red dragon waiting to pounce


        Thief: Can hide in shadows; gets an amazing advantage when back-stabing; Can pick pockets, climb high walls, etc., (everything a normal thief can do); Wears no armor; Caries light weaponry; At high levels, they can use a small amount of priest spells.

        Bard: Uses a fair amount of wizard spells; Can wear any armor or weapon; Is basically a Jack-Of-All-Trades, (masterful in anything); Has almost all thief abilities; When singing, they can boost the group's morale, thus making them fight better; Able to counter effects of songs and poetry used as magical weapons.

My combo picks:
    Race:    Half-Elven or Halflings
    Class:   Mage, Bard or Cleric