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Dungeons & Dragons: Tips for playing D&D
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Tips for playing D&D

              - Always hide behind another player. This may sound dishonorable, but hey, it's just a game.

                    - If that's not possible, then get to high ground or hide behind something else.

                    - Go for the eyes, head, or neck.

                    - Move around just a bit while fighting.

                    - Try to kill the leader first, if there is one. A leader will be generally stronger and better dressed than the others. If the opponent's leader falls, the DM will usually make a morale check to see if the others will run away.

                    - Try to get as much information on your enemies as you can, and be prepared accordingly.

                    - Do as much damage as you can to an enemy the first chance you get, and don't stop until they're dead. Some enemies can regenerate wounds quite quickly.

                    - Try to surprise your opponents every time. This will reduce their defenses enormously!

                    - Don't make noise in a complex, that's how you attract hundreds of enemies.

                    - If you are a wizard, then pick at least two or three protective spells, since you don't have good hit points.

                    - Try to capture one live enemy at the end of each battle. They may give you some clues about the rest of the quest, (especially if you have an ' ESP ' spell to see into their mind).

Level Advancement:

              - Get XP by doing anything you can...Anything!

                     - Read everything there is to know about your player. Sometimes in the players handbook, you can get bonus XP for picking the strengths of your character.

                    - Act like your character in the game.

                    - Pay attention to what the DM tells you at the beginning of each quest. Information, like a name, that can be remembered and used will certainly earn you extra XP.


              -If you come across a ' Deck of Many Things ', stay away from it! Sure, you might advance a level, or get a free castle......but you may also have to be lost in a different elemental plane, loose your soul, or, (once in my case), battle death itself.

                    - Another thing to stay away from is a Wraith. These are black puddle - like beings, who are deadly if you touch them.

                    - A good way to get money is to go into a bar and use your greatest talent to win bets.

                    - When starting a group of new characters, a good choice would be to have one wizard, to generally reduce the hit points of opponents; One fighter, to finish the opponents off; And one priest, to heal the wounded in your group.

              - Wizards, don't ask for " Magical Items " in small towns. They'll kick you right out of their stores in either fear or anger. To understand why, picture someone walking up to you on the street and asking " How many hit points do you have? "