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Dungeons & Dragons: Other Facts About D&D
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Other facts about D&D

    dice:    In D&D, dice have names that are kind of weird, like a ' D20 '. This simply means a 20 - sided Dice. To roll 2D6, is to roll two, six - sided Dice.

Here's an example of a D10 (numbers 0 - 9):    

Dice used in D&D:

D4                                     D8                                     D12
D6                                     2D10                                     D20

    One of D&D's countless worlds

Legend for some D&D abbreviations:

    AC = Armor Class
    THACO = To Hit Armor Class Zero, (0)
    DM = Dungeon Master
    HP = Hit Points
    XP = Experience points
    STR = Strength
    DEX = Dexterity
    CON = Constitution
    INT = Intelligence
    WIS = Wisdom
    CHR = Charisma
    ESP (in spells) = Extra - Sensory Perception
    PC = Player Character
    MR = Movement Rate
    ROF = Rate of Fire