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Dungeons & Dragons: What is Needed to Play D&D
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What is needed to play D&D?

1.    One or a few maps.       Blank Hexagon Map - You can laminate this and write on it with water soluble markers.
            This is the place where the miniatures go. It is used to signify your terrain. There are rocks and trees, etc., that can be used by the players for knowing where they are in relation to their surroundings. These maps also have small hexagons that are used to determine movement rates as discussed in the How do I play d&d? page.

   A cleric miniature

2.    DM's handbook
            This book allows the dm to basically make the game happen. It contains all of the information needed to simulate a virtual environment, such as the d&d world. The DM's handbook is essential for playing the game.

3.    Players handbook
            This book is used by the players to choose their character and get all the available information on that character. It also teaches all the details of how d&d works, and is 320 pages long! It just goes to show you how much it takes to play this game; but don't be discouraged. The group I play in only uses a little more than half of that book's rules, and it still works.

4.    Monsters manual
            This is used by the DM to choose which creatures are fighting you. It also has all the needed information about the creatures.

5.    Miniatures
            These are small metal figures of different characters, that are part lead. They are used simply to represent each player.

6.    Dice
            The dice used in d&d are not normal at all. For information on them, see the Other facts about D&D page

    These things can be found in almost any sci-fi store. All, that is, except for the maps. Ever since TSR Inc. stopped producing maps, it's been harder and harder to find them, and they're getting more expensive. See the How can I save money on supplies for D&D? page for information on how to make a map substitute. Also, many other books on D&D have been produced to further the experience of the game, but are not necessary required for the game.